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Psychotherapy for Adults, Couples and Adolescents

The choice to seek therapy is personal and important and the reasons are as varied as they can be complex. I’m happy to receive your call to answer questions you may have about therapy.


I help adults, adolescents, and couples experience life more deeply; enjoy more satisfying relationships; resolve painful conflicts; and improve self-esteem, self-worth and emotional well-being.


I have a general private practice and specialize in anxiety, depression, addiction, relationships, and grief. I also help people prepare for big life changes and transitions (such as marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, starting college, adjusting to a new move, career change, etc.).


I aim for a reduction in a client's current symptoms, and provide an opportunity to address the broader and potentially more enduring changes in life roles and behaviors. This can require balanced attention to the importance of past events as well as the here and now.


My approach is collaborative, interactive, and supportive. I emphasize the growth and process of the client-therapist relationship by creating a safe, confidential, respectful and healing interpersonal environment.   


The technical approaches and therapeutic influences utilized in our therapy can include psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, attachment theory, object relations, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral theories.


If you are considering therapy, please feel free to contact me to discuss a consultation or a referral to a therapist who can best suit your needs. (805) 845-4960 Eva@evavp.com

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